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Getting Started

So you got a computer or smart device, now what? Using technology for the first time can be overwhelming. Let us put you at ease with our simplified, step by step instruction to get you started.

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Smart Devices and Gadgets

While we usually associate smart devices with phones, there is a wide range of devices and gadgets that can automate your home, track health, connect to medical services etc…Older adults are looking for devices and gadgets to help them stay connected and independent.

using social media

Using Social Media

Many think that social media is exclusively used by the younger generation, however, many older adults are adopting it to keep up with the times as well as staying in touch with friends and family members. Grandparents are becoming more familiar with things like Skype and Facebook to stay connected to distant family members.


Staying Safe Online

The internet is a great way for older adults to keep in touch with loved ones, access information and enjoy leisure activities, but they can be vulnerable to online scams and phishing attempts by cyber criminals. Following cybersecurity tips can help protect against these risks.


Traveling with Technology

Booking a flight, train or hotel has now become super easy. Flights, hotels, meals etc… can be accessed online through many mainstream apps. Checking in/out of hotels, advance flight check-in and booking ground transfers can all be done with a few clicks.


Microsoft Office 

Microsoft office is a suite of applications that can help you stay organized, productive, creative etc… Learn to use specific applications or upgrade existing skills.